Corporate / Secretary General

A- General Secretary

Alaşehir the management and administration of the Commodity Exchange of personnel , training , boosting the development and productivity, collected of the legislation on a regular basis in the stipulated time and within the stock exchange bodies , execute dispersion of the decision , the information required in all matters concerning the stock market legal entity and the provision of documents and submission to the relevant bodies, as required , of the problems of the profession of exchange members and taking appropriate request to evaluate the current regulations , conduct their business and reporting to the Board and the Assembly . It is in charge of all personnel exchanges


B- Assistant Secretary General:

Alaşehir planning on Commodity Exchange is the service units, implementation, execution of supervision and coordination of activities and execute dispersion of the decisions of the stock body to the Secretary-General to assist in fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of all service units and in the absence of the Secretary-General, legislation by the Secretary General youve the fulfill all the duties and responsibilities and use their powers. (In the absence of the Secretary-General yükelen tasks and responsibilities covered by the authorization given it does not include the right to vote in the Assembly and Board meetings.)

Exchange policies and the determination of general policy and objectives in accordance with the principle itself depends on the director, the set targets to be reached in order to take the necessary measures to create and related departments we consider to be done on the routing.

Advice on sector developments yutiç and abroad follow and adapt to the new site applications in accordance with market interests and to support it.

planning related jobs in the service units Exchange application, the Secretary-General to assist in the conduct of audit and coordination activities.

The Secretary-General to assist the Exchange in the service units execute dispersion of the decisions of the organs of the duties and fulfill their responsibilities.

The stock market management, the Secretary-General to assist in the conduct of relations with industry organizations and levels of government.

Deputy Secretary-General is responsible for the duties and responsibilities of the Secretary-General against.

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