Corporate / President's Message

Product Manufacturing, Economy and Economic Distress

Why am I starting to such a title? Today Alaşehir'i experiencing the most difficult years in our life and economy. Lack of employment, lack of quality products, live our human (social, economic, cultural, etc.) it seems hard to imagine a beautiful Alasehir higher standard.

We are; Administrative Districts, Municipalities, Civil Society Organizations, Law Enforcement and Political Parties hope that we will leave behind this difficult and troubled days as a union.

primarily working in this direction should be the economy. Each corporate chiefs, applied to future programs accordingly Alasehir, we must work with all our strength. We are working, but not enough, because time is flowing rapidly changing technology needs quickly renewing itself every day. look to the future rather than looking at these days we need to develop project plans to invest.

Alaşehir Commodity Exchange for the last 5 years alaşehir Customs Directorate, Alaşehir Plant Export Gate and Food Gate, taking in the pilot region in grape our Alaşehir and Sarıgöl district agriculture and alaşehir we were able to have one gate exported 13 adopted by the Russian Federation. Of course, these studies conducted by the State Ministry Undersecretariat of Customs and the Ministry of Agriculture has been the result. Intertek Testing Services, one of the world's largest laboratories Food Lab. alaşehir into service in the Aegean and Mediterranean (manufacturer and exporter) we are serving in the region.

Alaşehir Commodity Exchange members with and without each of us and all of our citizens, especially good economy will continue to stand in the evil day will include social and cultural services.

Best regards…
Hüseyin SOYGÜR   Alaşehir Commodity Exchange Chairman of  the Board