Laboratory Services / Leaves, Soil, Water Analysis


Manisa Plain is the region with 470,000 hectares of agricultural land and polyculture crops and Turkey's most important agricultural and agro-industrial center. When the entire province of Manisa consider the data produced agricultural products were exported in 2005 a total of 520,000 ton'n. Alasehir, it has a size of 39,000 hectares of agricultural land. A total of 39,000 hectares of agricultural land in production areas with 29,000 hectares of vineyard production area is located in a very high rate. Alasehir is registered in the FRS system and the number of manufacturers who make agricultural production is 7800. 39,000 hectares and 7800 use of fertilizers are an important input in agricultural activities that are carried out in Alasehir with registered number of producers has reached a much higher amount. Product diversity on the efficiency of limit values, a high level of input that habit and necessity, consisting of more irrigated agricultural areas, brings about the increase of various production problems and input. Alaşehir of polyculture is a region where many crops are grown and exported as a result of having a structure. This feature provides added value because of the high amount of the country's economy.

Our region ecological advantages to achieve profitable manner manufacturer of high income level and extension activities that take place in the beginning to use the last few years in particular have intensified goals and direction of the European namely towards the social market high income and dial. In this case growth occurred in the use of organic and mineral fertilizers. This increase takes place in an uncontrolled and unconscious. Many products are grown in the domestic market as well as Europe and alaşehir are faced with a direct request of the buyer on world markets. Besides the most important pesticides from entry mentioned is the use of fertilizers. Today, in order to reach the minimum area is one of the main goals of maximum product targets next to the right and a sufficient amount of agricultural pesticides, the use of mineral and organic fertilizers is a case of absolute necessity. Based on this fact; to sell products in the target markets are basically two conditions. These conditions fertilization is done based on the analysis of one of the most important steps in reach:

We wanted to be the kind of receiver that is the target market, quality and standard products (mainly fruit and vegetable cultivation) • The first article criteria will threaten the health of the agricultural products produced outside it does not contain any residue constitutes an absolute necessity (plant protection drugs residues, nitrates and heavy metal residues and residues). The first item on the available volumes in the specified topics in agricultural organization and also established our market is coordinated with the Agricultural Advisory office in our region. Problems in this regard exporters, manufacturers, our stock market and agriculture organizations are trying to quickly remove the rectangle. The second product in the matter so as to determine that it is devoid of negative components on human health, intensive work is needed to be done in line with the EU. It also has good farming practices in accordance with the standards and traceability in agricultural production systems are briefly known as EUREPGAP standards. All activities implemented during the production of the products produced by manufacturers are obliged to keep records in accordance with this standard. Besides the use of pesticides in soil at this point, made of plant leaf assay used in determining the efficiency of water and the condition being used for irrigation it has arisen necessity. To serve the district area and near Alasehir in this direction and to fill this important gap , after the agricultural productivity in operating order and the establishment phase has received approval from the Ministry of Agriculture , TSE , the international standard EN ISO / 17025 laboratory accredited in the system has emerged the need to establish a laboratory. This needs to be answered by the manufacturers to produce the product in the direction of the standard will be provided to the significant contribution towards ensuring that regional productivity and guaranteed income.