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-5174 32nd of the law and stock exchange on the implementation of this law Proceedings of Regulation 7 of the Article , in accordance Resale dealing with the purchase or sale of substances included in the quotation , they must register with the stock market, where they are located. the registration requirements of the Stock Exchange occurring in the state and registered under the Turkish Commercial Code and any changes must be announced to the stock exchange from the place where they are registered must be notified within a month. registration is required for registration at the relevant time, the legal form and the issue of unregistered news about the stock market , the situation of fulfilling this obligation to notify the relevant registry office to make the necessary registry changes . The registrar is obliged to take appropriate action on this notice.

Although located outside the center of the stock market work 's space , stock work 's space on the actual legal persons operating , commercial or registered in the trades register or untreated branch office liaison , factory representative , warehouse, also of similar units in visiting trading place enroll in stock need Inc. . Built from the registration requirements of records borsalar Direct fulfill those we have notified them .

1-Registration statement issued through a stock exchange
2-The shares from the stock market
3.Tradesmen trade record and registration certificate ( copy)
4.Trade Registration Document Representation
5.The tax board ( copy)
certified signatures from 6.Notary
7.Trade Gazette
8.The company official passport photo
Certified - authorized ID card with photo 9.The company example
10.The company authority certificate of residence
11.The open license for


1.Registration statement, given on the market
2.The Stock Exchange of promissory notes issued
3.Signature of notary public
4.Commercial Register and trades of record certificate (copy)
5.Tax registration certificate (copy)
6.The headman from ilmühaber
7.Copy of birth certificate from the headman
8.3 passport-size photographs
9.Open license

1.Registration statement, given on the market
2.The Stock Exchange of promissory notes issued
3.Tax registration certificate (copy)
4.Signature circular
5.Cooperative Agreement
6.Who is authorized to sign Certified-photo ID card example
7.The province of residence the signature of a person authorized by the muhaber
8.Commercial Register and trades of record certificate (copy)
9.Represent The Document In The Commercial Register

164 for the prevention of Serial No. Income Tax General Communiqué on agricultural product losses and leakages , agricultural ( even processed though) the purchase and introduction of tax deductions related to the sale and the tax office to purchase and trade exchanges with institutions that mediate sell about to be admitted , the purchase of these items , selling and held jointly and severally liable for the tax to be charged on export trade is essential products to be listed on the stock market is indicated by the additional income tax General Communiqué No. 185 Series . And in this list of the products in the export market it was obliged to submit the customs declaration registration.

The Union of chambers and commodity exchanges of Turkey and chambers and commodity exchanges of the Law on 77. the first paragraph of the article as “Paid on time registration fees, annual dues, the proceeds of that freight will be taken from the room shares, stock registration fee and Union dues the collection of public receivables No. 6183 market to-day procedure for late payment shall accrue in accordance with the law” includes the provision.

Procedures of collection of public receivables No. 6183 of the act 51. relative to the late payment charges that are being implemented according to the article, published in the Official Gazette on 21.04.2006 2006/10302 with the decision of the Council of Ministers, enter into force on the date of publication to apply separately for each month and 2.5 percent, respectively.

Has been registered with the stock exchange purchase and sale transactions of Directors upon written application of the parties or the arbitral tribunal may be revoked by a decision of the Board or may be terminated by the decision of the court. Repeated transactions on the same trading if the registrant is cancelled by the decision of the Board of Directors

The registration fee, the registration shall be paid by the registrant in advance during the treatment. Parliament, its members shall be taken into account in the future they'll have in advance, the registration of its members as it may partially decide that the sum of the fee for the registration of the pepper, shall be paid not later than within fifteen days at a time after you decide to be.

Treated as purchase and sale has been registered once, the registration fee changes that will affect their parties jointly was made on the day of the registration is transmitted to the stock market, and an increase in the registration fee if this change occurs, the difference will be charged. If a reduction has occurred in the registration fee and the stock exchange have been informed on the same day, the fees shall be returned to concerned more. The registration fee will be charged per each transaction calculated separately.

As it is known, Article 11 of the law no 213 on taxing procedure, the principles of several liability withheld taxes paid through brought. The article buying and selling of goods and therefore cut taxes for those who fail to perform these obligations if the Tax Office have to deposit, these people, together with tax non-payment, of those who stated that they would be jointly and severally liable for the purchase.

In the fifth paragraph of the same article, agricultural products (including processed ones) the purchase and sale of mediating organizations and trade Exchanges, the crop to be made from withholding tax during the purchase of this holding jointly and severally liable; therefore the sale of the products in question to be made of separate tax allowance for each product that has to be made in determining at what stage are authorised by the Ministry. Serial No. 164 published by the authority of our ministry, principles to be applied with regard to income tax law income tax withholding will be joint and severally liable with the limits of liability are determined by agencies and organizations, and also of the Mercantile Exchange and sale of agricultural products procurement mediating processes they need to do to get rid of the responsibilities and liability are described. Under Article 4 of the communiqué; "According to the Law No. 5174 of chambers and commodity exchanges of Turkey commodity exchanges for agricultural products that are traded on exchanges established in and registered in the farmer in the case of the purchase from individuals and organizations outside the stock market for the agricultural products purchased and registered in buyers several liability. After being registered on the stock exchange, the price of agricultural products from the farmers and paid to the tax authorities of tax to be withheld on stock exchanges, managers, and purchasers of agricultural products, they shall be jointly and severally liable." the same communiqué "escape from responsibility for income tax deductions joint titled" in the 10th paragraph; "Agricultural products from farmers in the stock market Declaration of income tax deductions over the cost of Registered and paid by this and related tax penalties, default interest and delay is responsible for the hike in the stock market with buying products from farmers and managers. Which has not been registered in the stock market or buying from people outside the public institutions of agricultural products, agricultural products that have been purchased in order to be outside of joint responsibility related to income tax deductions to the relevant tax office by it is imperative that you invest." descriptions is located. Accordingly, registered in the stock market and the farmer does not have joint responsibility for buying agricultural products from outside individuals and organizations. However, farmers and managers of agricultural products purchased from the purchasers engaged in the process of registration to be withheld on the basis of the exchanges that must be paid to the tax office are responsible for all taxes. In other words, the allowance must be paid by along with made for this declaration. To get rid of joint liability, the price of agricultural products purchased from the stock exchange and registered in the tax to be withheld is paid to the relevant tax office if the tax receipt or claim a deduction for this claim should be required. Otherwise, the registration process and engaged in the stock market to be paid to the managers of tax, penalty and late payment interest shall be held responsible with taxpayers ' money from.