Corporate / Directorates

Financial Affairs

1-Exchange of our healthy finances, ensures a reliable execution

2-Alaşehir generally accepted accounting principles Commodity Exchange , TOBB Budget and Accounting Regulations and the service is held in accordance with the accounting records of the relevant legislation .

3-With resources in the stock market, save in proceedings relating to the assets and to the services obtained with these accounting records kept in accordance with the basic principles of accounting of the financial statements on time and reported accurately , reporting on a monthly and annual basis , the preparation of annual stock budget is between directing in favor of our institutions deposits duties.

4-Members of the needs of the related authorities, with the aim to find solutions to the financial problems with contacting the execution .

Financial Affairs:İsmail YEYEN

Personnel Management

Our stock exchange, the value of human capital can be measured by.A period between five and ten years cultivating that require qualified, experienced, trained personnel element of the country's economy, National Security, and social life of our stock exchange, which is extremely important in terms of profitable, efficient and safe operation is of great importance.

In line with the objectives of Human Resource Planning recruitment planning, such as our stock exchange concerning activities in accordance with the company's mission and Vision by making executes.

- Job descriptions of staff to be hired to determine the employees or the managers of the relevant departments,interviews with

- Job applicants and their educational status, experiences and other characteristics to examine,

- Perform reference checks and reference searches of persons to be recruited,

- Inform the candidates or persons whose application is refused to be recruited after the recruitment process is performed,

- Make reporting.

Also among the tasks.

Personnel Management: Murat AKDOĞAN

Registration and Control Directorate

1.The Stock Exchange, including trades for the items (and alivre-term ones, including the Legislative Assembly and the resolutions of the Board of Directors in accordance with the service registration is performed.

2.Registration conveyed to trading declarations (and alivre-term ones, including the title of the company, tax information, unit price, to analyse the appropriateness of the fair price of the consideration, and the signature is examined and the accuracy of tamamlatili the missing information.

3.The control of agricultural income tax withholding in accordance with law after duly charged a fee by the registration process.

4.Processed books, collateral, concise terms the borrower in firms is followed.

5.Registration for all compounds that refer to daily, weekly, monthly and annual bulletins is controlled.

6.Korbey of the treatment performed in the halls of the transaction and the process to be registered in the registry of the salon is provided.

7.Our stock exchange places within the registration process by sending a team to the area of responsibility of roaming is performed.

Registration and Control Directorate: Ahmet MADİOĞLU

Registration and Control Directorate: Ömer ÖNEM

Laboratory Directorate

1-No. 5174 of tobb according to the law, which is considered a public entity, the Philadelphia stock exchange, the In-house laboratory is not established for the purpose of providing service to the members of profit. The stock market quotation, of course, some of the products physical and chemical analyses are carried out.

2-In our laboratory, the optional analysis is performed.

3.Our service Expert and assists the Board in carrying out the creation of the appraisal process

Laboratory Directorate: Mehmet KEKLİK   Soil Laboratory Directorate: Süleyman YÜKSEL

Directorate of Press and Public Relations

Establishing an effective structure for direct or indirect communication with members and be used with high efficiency it is the duty of press and Public Relations Office.

Stock market our body that occur within partnerships, protocols, policies, views and announcements of the activities that are performed with a press conference for the dissemination and interpretation of written and visual performs.

The President of the Board of Directors and the President of the parliament making a speech in the case of each meeting of the organization of the written and visual media, against the press when it comes to messages, vision and policies within the framework of trading on the Philadelphia stock exchange prepares memoranda, speeches and predetermined.

Alaşehir Mercantile Exchange news about local and national publications followed in all the newspapers and keeps a record of.

Directorate of Press and Public Relations : Fatma TUTAR

Directorate Restaurant

Restaurant General Manager in accordance with the principles of the enterprise, vehicles, by using tools and equipment, occupational health, occupational safety and environmental protection regulations in accordance with the requirements of the profession, and the efficiency and quality.

a. For solo dining, kitchen bar, and the activities of personnel in other departments to plan, organize and oversee

b. For the preparation of food items and buy food on the list meet the chef,

c. Organize and oversee the organization of formal dinners and other special ceremonies to

d. Dining hall, kitchen, store and other places that are kept clean in accordance with health regulations and work will be

e. Organize entertainment for guests, and other entertainment and musicians to employ the staff,

f. The food and service complaints belonging to fix

g. Staff training, teaching, recruiting and,if necessary, dismissal

h. Keep records of costs and other,etc. performs Duties and functions.

Directorate Restaurant : Mutlu AKDOĞAN

Scale Directorate

Weigher; the enterprise in accordance with the general principles of the vehicles, by using tools and equipment, occupational health, occupational safety and environmental protection regulations in accordance with the requirements of the profession, and the efficiency and quality:

a. Business plan organization and make

b. The tool scales to weigh empty,

c. After the vehicle is loaded, the scales weigh

d. Disconnect the plug weighbridge,

e. Issued receipts and weighbridge along with the driver of the vehicle to dispatch to deliver

f. Weights at the end of work and sales made in a report to the relevant unit,etc. performs Duties and functions.

Scale Directorate : İbrahim YÖRÜK