Corporate / Description and Tasks


No.5174 Room, Stock Exchanges and Union (TOBB) According to Article 28 of the law; "Trade exchanges, purchases and sales of the substances included in the written exchange on the basis of this Act and determine the price of the exchange, registered and established to be engaged in classified work are institutions with public entities."

When the stock market usually comes to mind called Stock Exchange traded shares. However, there are differences between stock exchanges and commodity exchanges. The main difference that separates the two; It is traded stock in trade of agricultural products.

Commodity exchanges are legal legislation limits specified institutions with financial and administrative autonomy. In other words; state generating their source but without any financial burden, uses, even those institutions that transfer resources to public institutions. In addition, the establishment is governed by the elected from among its members. This aspect is an indispensable element to liberal democracy. Commodity exchanges are an important part of the market economy at the same time. Because commodity exchanges in the prices of agricultural products are determined according to supply and demand conditions.


No. 5174 Room, Stock Exchanges and the task of trade exchange according to the law of the Union Article 34:
a) substances included in the stock exchange, to buy or sell stock issued and to register.

b) duly identified in the article, including the stock exchange price of the exchange every day and to declare.

c) the buyer and the seller, delivery and pick-up with its obligations in terms of payment, the treatment of the liquidation conditions, when born effective conditions and disputes over prices showing the voluntary arbitration procedures and make overall arrangements with the Union's approval to take effect.

d) domestic and abroad to communicate and exchange rates follow market, guidance to members in electronic commerce and internet networks.

e) to organize the documents in Article 51 and to confirm.

f) the types of substances included in the stock market and set up laboratories and technical offices to determine their qualifications or to participate established.

g) customary for the stock market in the region, customs and practices to detect, and to declare to the approval of the Ministry.

h) proposal to the relevant authorities on issues related to Exchange operations, requests and applications; Members of all or part of the benefit that if the lawsuit on his own behalf or on behalf of members.

i) the agreement will be competition distortions, to monitor implementation of decisions and concerted practices in quality and report to the relevant authorities in case of detection.

j) work legislation given to ministries or other public institutions and organizations, to carry out these tasks if the deposit market in the framework of the objectives and tasks of the institutions mentioned in this Law.

k) Members of the documents to those in need and make the necessary services for them.

l) evaluate the application to be made in domestic fairs are offered in the Union.

m) with the tasks given by the Poet legislation, carry out the duties given by the Ministry and the Union in accordance with applicable laws.