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Business contact is made with the delivery of our institution after filling in the forms on the link below. (İş başvurusu, aşağıdaki linkte yer alan formun doldurulduktan sonra kurumumuza ulaştırılması ile yapılır.)

Job application form


In our institution, university undergraduate and graduate students studying in the department of education to those institutions internship obligation, 5510 Social Security and General Health Insurance Law in the context of the conditions laid down , internship opportunities are recognized.Students during the internship, ""occupational accidents Basic Occupational Disease Insurance"" and that built on the premiums paid by the institutions they are studying, they must bring written documentation from the institutions they attended. 3308 Vocational Education Act in line with the quota should trade / vocational high school students are provided internship opportunities.Internship applications will be notified by phone and accepted by the Exchange official correspondence to those carried out. Internship applications while the internship application form and compulsory internship certificate from your school or in writing, you need to add.

Internship Application Form