Corporate / Activity Reports

Date   Action   Output
07.05.2015   Export Development meeting with Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekçi   21 Exporting members attended.Presented proposals in order to increase their exports.
01.01.2014 / 31.12.2014   Our analysis Food Analysis Laboratory studies on pesticide residues.   Our district was 3300 pieces sample work.
01.01.2014 / 31.12.2014   Good agricultural practices   28 of our members took advantage of good agricultural practise
20.05.2015   Age and Raisin in Agricultural Pesticides Residue Problems and Solutions Meeting   80 double members,producers and pesticide dealers were informed..
01.01.2014 / 31.12.2014   Soil,Leaf,quality production for our water,soil analysis laboratory studies   1900 pieces were run on samples.
01.01.2014 / 31.12.2014   Soil,Leaves,leaf quality production for our water laboratory analysis work   76 pieces were working on the sample.
01.01.2014 / 31.12.2014   Soil quality in our laboratory to do right planting work for water analysis   Work was carried out on samples number 1475
20.09.2013   Antalya Fair participation Yörex   5 pieces of local products introduced
22.10.2014   Antalya Fair participation Yörex   5 pieces of local products introduced
03.05.2015   Victory Development Agency made ‘Multipurpose Hall Project 300-seat amphitheater’   In project evaluation
19.09.2014   Manisa with the district Investment Climate Project(continued)   Of the withdrawal of investors
17.06.2014   Domestic and foreign tourists to the history of our town and were informed about the culture   2 joined the convoy of tourists coming to town by bus